Sensifall, the smart floor detection system

Sensifall can automaticaly detect any activity, analyse it and inform the right people.

Why Sensifall?

Sensifall can detect possibly dangerous movements, such as a fall, an intrusion, or unusual behavioural patterns and report any unwanted situation. Sensifall is non intrusive, anonymous and evolutive. It can be used for different purposes and as a substitution for current digital devices such as cameras and alarm buttons.

Features & Applications


• Fall detection / elderly care
• Presence detection / access control
• People counting / people stream analysis

Highly sensitive

• 626 contacts per tile
• ≈ 1 contact per cm²
• Detection from 450 gr per contact


• One embedded microcontroller per tile
• Automatic setup / interaction between tiles
• Efficient data communication format

Connected floor

• Across any network infrastructure
• Interoperability
• Evolutive apps

How does it work?

The technology behind Sensifall is based on changes in weak electric fields that enable detection of movement patterns. Sensifall is an underlay, to be placed under any flexible flooring such as carpet or vinyl. It is easily installed as it consists of tiles which connect to each other.

Complete control

Monitor and control your home from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer. The Sensifall app makes it easy to adjust your alerts parameters, turn your Smart Floor Detection System on or off, turn it into an intrusion alarm system, check day / night activity, and much more.

Technological choices


The principle of the hardware enable high availability implementation and easy setup.


Because security and healthcare shouldn't be a matter of money, Sensifall is designed to be accessible to all.


The tile modularity combined with self default detection allows a simple maintenance.

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The company

Sensifall is designed by ABCD Innovation, a french company based in Paris (France).

We are a team of technologists, designers and security solutions experts, who have built strong skills in many sectors such as Traceability, Telematics, People Security, Medical and more.

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