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                • Position name

                Production operator

                welding personnel responsibilities:

                skilled in welding electronic components, able to read simple circuit diagrams.

                packaging aging personnel responsibilities:

                in accordance with the requirements of packaging and aging process, finished the product's shell, dispensing and aging work.

                test personnel responsibilities:

                conducts electrical performance tests on manufactured products to distinguish between qualified and nonconforming products.

                above job requirements:

                1, with the basic knowledge of safety electricity, have strong hands-on ability;

                2, careful and conscientious, strong sense of responsibility.

                • Position name

                Sr. Equipment Engineer


                1, to meet the requirements of production line processing and testing;

                2, active optimization of production line tooling, optimization efficiency;

                3, take the initiative to perfect, increase the company's production process equipment level;

                4, lead and guide 1-2 people to carry out work, management and implementation of process equipment.

                job requirements:

                1, bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or electrical engineering, more than three years working experience in management and tooling design and production;

                2, understand simple analog circuit, can design tooling panel and schematic diagram, have certain structure design ability;

                3, familiar with related software to design tooling, according to requirements can independently design the corresponding test tooling and welding tooling;

                4, with circuit design and mechanical production capabilities, have some experience with people.

                • Position name

                Sales Engineer


                implement the sales plan, maintain the existing fixed customers, complete the company's sales tasks, and improve the market share of the products.

                job requirements:

                1, more than two years work experience, electronic, communication major preferred, have strong ability to open up market independently;

                2, strong communication skills and writing ability.

                • Position name

                Power supply engineer


                is responsible for the development of new products and the maintenance of old products.

                job requirements:

                1, bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or automation;

                2, engaged in switching power supply research and design work for more than 2 years, able to independently develop design products.